Neighborhood Association

Welcome to The Village at Woodside!

Tucked away behind the bustling restaurants, offices, and parks in The Village at Woodside is a friendly and charming neighborhood with wide sidewalks and tree lined streets, ideal for an early morning dog walk or an after-dinner stroll. We love chatting from our front porches as neighbors stroll by, reminiscent of yesteryear —where neighbors look after each other and can count on one another when needed. This is a neighborhood that has it all. In its center is Liberty Park, used for social gatherings as well as honoring veterans on Memorial Day and Veterans Day; only a block away are walking trails, bocce ball courts, delicious restaurants, and enviable medical facilities. All in a beautiful setting with friendly people encompassed in one community. In a recent survey of residents, the number one reason listed for becoming a resident was ”the neighborhood.”

From the Board…

Part of the attraction of our neighborhood is that an incorporated homeowner’s association (HOA) is in place with regulations designed to protect the value of our neighborhood. The Woodside Village Neighborhood Association (WVNA) is overseen by a Board of Directors comprised of six volunteer owners and a Developer representative. The Board administers the rules and regulations set forth in the WVNA governing documents. Additionally, an Architectural Review Board is responsible for ensuring the original vision for the neighborhood is maintained.

Board of Directors

President – Bill Reynolds
Vice President – Gretchen Caughman
Secretary – Harvie Ruggles
Treasurer – Tal Tribble
Architectural Review Board Representative – Donnie Carter
Village Cottages and Townhomes Representative – John Rush
Woodside Communities Representative – Wesley Elijah

Standing Committees

Architectural Review Board – Donnie Carter, Chair
Governance Committee – Gretchen Caughman, Chair
Landscaping Committee – Bill Reynolds, Chair

Village Covenants


Village Bylaws


Village Architectural Guidelines