Woodside is Home to a Certified Butterfly Park

Woodside is Home to a Certified Butterfly Park

Monarch Butterfly

This past summer, Woodside’s newest park addition was deemed a Certified Monarch Garden by The North American Butterfly Association! This distinguished accolade recognizes the park as a garden that “provides resources that increase the world’s population of Monarch Butterflies.” The Butterfly Park also includes a pavilion perfect for community gatherings and has already become home to Woodside’s new Butterfly Monarchy club meetings in addition to other communal neighborhood gatherings.

Butterfly Habitat and Migration

As one of North America’s most recognizable butterfly species, the Monarch Butterfly is among almost every homeowner’s list of desirable backyard visitors. With deep orange wings, bordered with black and spotted white on the edges, these charming butterflies subsist solely on plants within the Milkweed family, allowing Monarch caterpillars to blossom into beautiful and healthy adults. Woodside’s dedicated Butterfly Park is specifically landscaped to include several Milkweed varieties, along with other Monarch-friendly plant species that promote healthy growth and preservation of the population to provide a colorful resting place for the kaleidoscope along their nearly 3,000-mile seasonal migration across North America.

Every Fall, between late October and early November, residents of South Carolina can look forward to seeing swarms of Monarchs migrate across the continent, heading to Mexico and the Caribbean islands. These nectar seekers can be observed traveling throughout South Carolina’s midlands, upstate, and lowcountry as they seek warmer weather, and Woodside’s certified Butterfly Park increases opportunities for nature lovers and enthusiasts to glimpse Monarchs as they migrate across the country. Try planting some Milkweed varieties in your own backyard to attract these regal visitors to your flower beds and garden! 

Committed to Preservation

Woodside sustains acres of dedicated greenspace to preserve native wildlife and flora and to ensure each species continues to thrive in its most natural environment. With more plans for additional parks and green spaces underway, Woodside continues to maintain its commitment to environmental preservation and sustainability as the community grows. With 17+ miles of nature trails for walking, biking, and hiking, this newly certified Butterfly Park provides another charming recreational area for residents to enjoy the great outdoors and is sure to be a pleasing attraction for visitors to appreciate!

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